Home Bao – Sizzling Beef Potstickers

Home Bao - Sizzling Beef Potstickers

Home Bao specialises in frozen dumplings and Asian Dim Sum, free from MSG, colorant or preservatives. Their goal is to bring great Asian food from their home to yours, because nothing is better than good food enjoyed with family. Using Umthunzi’s #vegwithanimpact, Home Bao offers exquisite, healthy Asian food made from top-quality ingredients to keep each bite nutritiously delicious.

20 Sizzling Beef Potstickers 牛肉起司煎餃
These gourmet handmade potstickers offer something a little different! Each one is filled with minced beef marinated to perfection and an extra helping of gooey, melted cheese. The wrappers get their lovely red shade from natural beetroot colouring. Prepare your potstickers by frying them in a non-stick pan. For more details, visit the Cooking Instructions page.

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